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Internships are made available to college students at SUNY Brockport through the Anthropology and History Departments.

If you are interested in an internship at the Morgan-Manning House,

please contact Dr. Rozenn Bailleul-LeSuer at

Current Interns

Fall 2022

Cassidy M Wiesmore

Communications Specialist

Thea Grube

Victorian Fashion &

Domestic Life Researcher

Spring, Summer, & Fall 2021

Tyler Angora

Exhibit Designer &

Victorian Fashion Aficionado

Cassidy M Wiesmore

"Hello, my name is Cassidy M. Wiesmore. I am a double major in Anthropology & Communication, and this is my fifth year at SUNY Brockport and my last semester. My focus for this internship has been on the communication between the Morgan-Manning House and our Brockport community. I have been updating and posting on the Instagram account regularly and have looked into learning basic website design through WIX so that I can update the website as well.  

I chose this internship because I loved the idea of being able to apply skills and knowledge from both of my majors in the same internship, and therefore getting more experience in both fields as well. I enjoy working with Dr. Rozenn, museum curator, as she has been amazing in helping me decide what to do both within the internship and beyond it and encourages me in whatever I choose. 

For my final project, I planned and hosted a Murder Mystery Party for SUNY Brockport students, professors, and friends. The theme of the game was chosen to match the Morgan-Manning House, so we could use its beauty and history as a part of the story, making the game more immersive. It was a great success, with positive reviews given to me by all attendees."

Porcelain Cups

Thea Grube

Hello, my name is Thea, and over the Fall '22 semester, I have been researching Victorian fashion and social etiquette here at the Morgan-Manning House under the supervision of Dr. Rozenn Bailleul-LeSuer. I plan to continue this research into the Spring '23 semester, where I hope to contribute to the current signage for the ladies' ward of the house. My goal is to explain the world these Victorian women acted within and help to correct some of the common misconceptions about their lives and what they wore.


My research into Victorian domestic life has related, in part, to my internships with the Frost Town Archaeology Project Directed by Dr. Alexander Smith, the first of which was at the Frost Town Archaeology Field School over the summer of '22 and my second in the SUNY Brockport Anthropology Lab this semester. I hope that what I learn at the Morgan-Manning House helps me better interpret some of what we excavate of domestic life at Frost Town, an abandoned 19th-century logging settlement.

Past Interns

Summer 2022

Kristin Strong

Exhibit Designer for

the Summer Kitchen

Spring, Summer, & Fall 2021

Tyler Angora

Exhibit Designer &

Victorian Fashion Aficionado

Fall 2020

Jeffery Crane

Artifact Cataloguer


Summer  2020

Emily Russell

House Helper

Spring 2020

Megan Provost

Transcriber of

Morgan Family Letters

Sydney Salisburg

Transcriber of

Morgan Family Letters

Christopher Purpell

Creator of Collection

Management System

Tyler Angora

“Hi, my name is Tyler Angora. I am a student at SUNY Brockport, pursuing a major in history, and a minor in Museum Studies & Public History."


Spring 2021, Tyler Angora focused on the history and lives of women in the Victorian Era. He worked with student Megan Marshall to create an exhibit called the Ladies Ward. This exhibit is based on the lifecycle – Childhood & Education, Courtship & Marriage, Caring for children and handling servants, and Mourning - of a middle or upper-class woman in the Victorian Era. "Throughout the room, we have included amazing artifacts from our collection (clothing & accessories, books, furnishings, art) and various items from the Morgan-Manning House family archives, such as photos, certificates, and letters, as a reminder that the Morgan family women—Susan, Sara, Susanne, and Gladys—experienced such a life."   

Summer 2021, Tyler started another exhibit on the fashion and society of Victorian women called Unfolding Fashion. This exhibit was a continuation of The Ladies Ward. The goal was to "highlight how shapes, designs, and textures used in fashion changed between 1850 and 1925, using textiles and accessories to show how fashion trends also reflected societal changes."

Fall 2021, Tyler returned to the Morgan-Manning House with a new project in mind." project will be quite different from the others that you have either seen or read about at the House. This time, I am diving deep into the world of conservation and preservation. I will be researching the many aspects of conservation, how we can improve the preservation of our artifacts, and most importantly how we can prevent the deterioration of the objects in our collection." Tyler created his third exhibit, The Decaying of the Past. This exhibit included damaged and shattered artifacts found in the house's storage rooms. "I want to show that, without museums and conservation, the past would no longer exist."

Fall 2022, we are happy to report that Tyler is now doing an internship at the Genesee Country Village and Museum with curator Brandon Brooks, and is involved with the upcoming exhibit that will be on display in the John L. Wehle Gallery 


Unfolding Fashion

Exhibit by Intern Tyler Angora

& Curator Dr. Rozenn Bailleul-LeSuer

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