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The Western Monroe Historical Society is synonymous with the Morgan Manning House.  The society was formed to preserve and restore the Victorian-era Morgan Manning House for the benefit of the public.  This stately home is a cornerstone of the Village of Brockport, providing a window on the region’s past. The society fulfills its mission to preserve and interpret the history of the Morgan Manning family and the time period in which they lived through tours of the House, educational programs, community events, school partnerships and scholarship.  Membership dues support these efforts; membership is open to all.

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December 6, 2020 - Sunday
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Christmas pictures of your family inside the beautiful Morgan-Manning House.


Sunday, December 6, 2020  11am to 3pm – 10 minute time slots


BY RESERVATION ONLY.  Call 637-3645 to make a reservation for your family group.  Time slots are listed below, so if you get the answering machine, leave your name, phone number, how many are in your party, and choice 1, 2 or 3 for time slot.  

BRING YOUR OWN CAMERA, and one of our staff will snap your Christmas photos. Photos will be taken on the stairs, in the front red room and the back red room of the Morgan-Manning House.  Because of safety concerns, there will be no Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus this year.

Please be on time or early.  Face masks are required while in the waiting area and will only be removed during picture taking.

Time Slots:   Sunday, December 6, 2020

11:00  11:10  11:20  - These 3 times are taken

11:30  11:40  11:50  12:00  12:10 

12:20  12:30  12:40  12:50
1:00  1:10  1:20  1:30  1:40  1:50
2:00  2:10  2:20  2:30  2:40  2:50  


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